Vintage AEC Matador tractor in D-Day Academy Museum, Caen

A fascinating vintage AEC Matador tractor which took part in the Battle of Normandy will be featured for the first time at the D-Day Academy Museum in Caen.
The military vehicle was used to transport field guns and was bought by Laurie Gregory over 20 years ago.
D-Day Academy Museum experts have determined, through the use of army records and the Matador’s serial number, that the tractor was used by Allied troops in 1944.
It will be restored and displayed at the museum in time for the 70th D-Day anniversary commemorations next year.
Mr Gregory bought the tractor at the Welland Steam Rally and it has since been in storage at a remote rural location.
“I always meant to do something with it, but other things in my life intervened,” he told the Malvern Gazette.
The majority of Matador tractors used during the Second World War were modified for forestry or other purposes, so it is rare to find one still in its original condition.
“It’s great that it’s going to a good home where it will be appreciated,” he said. “The museum has invited me to be an honourary member and they say they’re going to name it Laurie after me. I’m honoured.
“At the museum, they’ve now discovered that it was built in 1943 and that it actually served in Normandy during the invasion of 1944. So it really is coming home.”

Direct from Normandy, France