#DDay70 veteran Albert Figg

In February 1939, aged 18, Albert Figg joined the Royal Artillery T A in Swindon Wiltshire.

On June 20th 1944, Albert was sent to Normandy where he supported the infantry offensive during the Battle for Hill 112.

The operation was code-named Operation Jupiter and over 18 days Albert’s troops fired 60,000 shells out of 24 guns before the Allies broke through German lines.

In the video below Albert explains why the Battle for Hill 112 was so important.

In the second video Albert further describes the fierce combat and amount of ammunition fired.

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One thought on “#DDay70 veteran Albert Figg”

  1. What a great blog, stumbled across it whilst looking for some information about my late grandfather and great Uncle’s regiment. They both served in 112th Wessex field Regiment, 43rd Wessex Div and would most likley have served alongside Albert Figg in some capacity.

    Really great reading and I look forward to reading more as being in NZ we are a bit detached from what is currently happening in Europe to remember 70 years on!

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