Interview with Yves A. and Arlette A. (Part two)


Yves A.’s wife, Arlette A., was 5-years-old in 1939 and lived with her parents on a farm in St Grégoire in the south of France.

Her father hid a medical student from Marseille who had been conscripted for forced labour in Germany. Nobody in the village knew of his situation.

Arlette A. explains more about the harsh realities of war: “My brother was born during the war without a doctor or medicine, during a harsh winter and in a very cold house. Mum got pneumonitis and died two weeks after the birth…

“It was a terrible period. Daddy wanted to raise the baby but we lacked everything we’d need. Milk was really precious. Such events influenced our whole generation and spread a deep fear into the life of tomorrow.”

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