#DDay70: Juno Beach Centre Events

The Juno Beach Centre had a variety of events lined up for the 70th anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy.

They have unearthed newly opened underground bunkers and compiled a powerful new feature film, ‘The Walk With You’.

Vanessa Wattamaniuk works at the Juno Beach Centre and tells us about what the Canadian museum has to offer you this summer.

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One thought on “#DDay70: Juno Beach Centre Events”

  1. Annie — Have been following your excellent posts faithfully and congratulate you on your efforts. We’re coming to Normandy mid-September with another couple with whom I’m sharing much of your information. I was Vietnam-era US Air Force captain stationed in Evreux 1965-67 and was responsible for providing speaker and other arrangements for Memorial Day celebration at Colleville-sur-Mer for 2 years at that time. Looking forward to re-visiting and seeing all the new displays. Again thanks for your great work.

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