#DDay70: Arromanches

Arromanches had lots going on this year for the 70th D-Day Anniversary.

Crowds gathered around Gold Beach on June 7th to watch French and British aircraft perform an air show to commemorate the 70th D-Day Anniversary.

Several Second World War RAF planes and a French Airforce display team flew over the D-Day landing site.

Last year, I was told that Arromanches was a primary target for the Allies. The beach was needed to set up a temporary port for supplies and weapons. Operation Neptune was the original invasion of the Normandy coastline, but the invasion would be unsuccessful if allied troops couldn’t withstand the German counter-attacks.

Operation Mulberry involved the building of two harbours in Arromanches. Both these harbours were built with components made from England. A total of 40,000 people worked on these components in preparation for D-Day.

Arromanches also had a history before the Second World War. The strategic positioning of the beach has made it a vital location in defending France from sea-borne attacks for hundreds of years.

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One thought on “#DDay70: Arromanches”

  1. Annie – love your blog it’s excellent. I’ve travelled to Normandy for the commemorations several times being a member of the Birmingham War Research Club where we travel to European battlefield sites and take people to visit relatives graves. My father was a D-day veteran who died back in 1985 and I think that’s how I got interested.

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