Le Mémorial Pegasus: Bernard and Fay Robins

Bernard and Fay Robins
Bernard and Fay Robins

Meet Bernard and Fay Robins. I met the couple during a visit to the Mémorial Pegasus.

I have received emails this year from Bernard and Fay, who run a private “Para” project. Inspired by a family connection, in 2002 the couple decided to pay tribute to the Para killed in the Second World War. Both Bern and Fay share war grave photos of the Parachute Regiment.

They have taken details from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission about these individuals so that relatives and friends can access information about them worldwide. By June 2013, they had photos of all but the 15 graves in Marseilles.

The couple have had some success in finding men who were missing and killed between 1942 and 1947. Bernard and Fay believe it is of the utmost importance to keep the memory of these brave men alive and I admire them for this.

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