On our way back from Utah Beach, Maggie thought we’d treat ourselves to a coffee and cake before heading to Bayeux for the Band of Brother’s signing.

Unfortunately, when we arrived in Sainte-Marie-du-Mont we were told that only minutes earlier there had been a power outage! Nonetheless, we managed to have a look around the local church where re-enactors had gathered for lunch.

It was through Sainte-Marie-du-Mont that American infantrymen, having landed at dawn on the June 6th at Utah Beach, arrived in the late morning. The village had already been liberated by the paratroopers but large pockets of resistance still held out in the surrounding farms, and several German batteries remained operational.

The arrival in the village of American troops that had landed on the beach made it possible to push back the counterattack of the German 6th Parachute Regiment. This regiment was commanded by Colonel-Baron Von der Heydte and his men were pushed two miles from the village along the road to Carentan.

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