The British cemetery in Jerusalem

The ‘British cemetery in Jerusalem’ is the smallest British cemetery in France and has only 47 graves. Despite its size, it’s a quaint and peaceful site definitely worth visiting.

The soldiers who fought in the battle of Tilly-sur-Suelles on the 8th June 1944 are buried here. 35 of these soldiers were originally buried beside the hamlet of Jerusalem near the village of Juaye-Mondaye and the other 12 not far from Belval farm.

The land was a gift from Chouain village and so the bodies were later brought together in the ‘British cemetery in Jerusalem’. A Czech soldier is also buried here, along with a 47th unidentified body.

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2 thoughts on “The British cemetery in Jerusalem”

  1. I know it well. When I was a headmaster I had a house in Normandy and used to take children over every summer. Jerusalem was one of our principal stops. It also has the grave of a 16 year old lad in it. My father,who came ashore on DDay on Gold Beach,was present at the battle of Tilly. There is also a small but good museum in a chapel in the village. It is a very poignant place.Very peaceful and beautifully kept up. Thank you for letting me see4 it again.X

    1. Hi Frederick! We actually went to the small museum in the chapel and were lucky enough to be shown around by the curator – the video and post will be uploaded onto the blog in August! It’s a beautiful museum, and the Battle of Tilly is such a moving and emotional event within the Battle of Normandy. Thank you so much for your comment and story! Annie

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