Portsmouth to Caen: Interview with Arthur and Trevor Tallon (Part One)

Maggie and I have a chat with Arthur Tallon and his son, Trevor Tallon, on the ferry from Portsmouth to Caen. They know France well and love travelling here on holiday. This time they’re spending their holiday in Normandy for the 70th anniversary of the D-Day Landings.

They plan follow in the footsteps of Arthur’s late friend and D-Day survivor, Sam. Here, Sam and his son talk about what they are most looking forward to doing in Normandy.

Both Sam and Arthur belonged to the Rifle Brigade, (based in Kent?), at different times. They were friends and neighbours for eight years and during this time Sam told Arthur countless stories about his weeks in Normandy.

Before D-Day, Sam had served in both North Africa and Italy. Shortly after landing in Normandy he was wounded, which Trevor suggests “probably saved him really. He got wounded and then got sent back because he couldn’t fight anymore”.

After Sam’s injury, the regiment continued to fight well into Germany until they met the Russian army.


To be continued…

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