2 weeks to go!

Just two weeks to go to the 6th June now! The main international ceremony with heads of state, veterans and the local residents will be held at Ouistreham, codenamed Sword Beach. The Queen and Obama will be there. This is where our ferry will arrive when we sail over in just over a week’s time with Brittany Ferries from Portsmouth and we are hoping to meet some of the veterans and invitees who will be attending.

Sword Beach - Ouistreham
Sword Beach – Ouistreham

7 thoughts on “2 weeks to go!”

  1. Annie,
    My Dad is a D-day Veteran, he landed on Utah Beach. He is going to be 89 this June and has been to Normandy for the anniversaries for as long as I can remember to pay tribute to the many friends he lost that day and the days after. Thank you for giving this event the attention it deserves. These soldiers still take much pride in the lives they chose. After the war he met and married a French girl and they came to live in the US. They have been married for 68 years, have 6 children, 14 grandchildren and many great grandchildren. He is currently on his way to Normandy with my mom to attend the 70th anniversary ceremonies!

    1. Dear Kathy,
      Thank you very much for your message- and what a wonderful story your parents have! I would love to meet up with your parents when I’m over in Normandy next week – do you think they’d be happy to meet me for an interview to appear on this blog?
      If so, I’d be very grateful if you would let me know how best to contact them! If you could email the Normandy Press Office, Maggie if you have any more info that would be great: maggie.mcnulty@atout-france.fr
      Best wishes,

      1. Annie,

        I am not sure of all of his plans. He has already been to a few ceremonies and I know has been invited to speak at several schools in the area. If he has time (and if it would work out logistically) I’m sure that he would speak with you. I have sent him the contact information you gave and have asked him to reach out to you. Enjoy your trip to Normandy, what a great place and exciting time to visit!


  2. Hey Annie, just found your blog when doing some research for my own trip to Normandy this year. I’m a bit of an amateur journalist and am working on designing and building (as well as writing) a new site detailing the sights and stories of WWII in Northern Ireland.

    This year I’ve decided to recreate the journey from Belfast to Portsmouth to Sword Beach which many from the Royal Ulster Rifles and my grandad in the Royal Tank Regiment made in 1944.

    I’ll be following your updates in the week leading up to D-Day. I’ve somehow ended up landing on 6th June at around the same time as the first wave of British troops did 70 years ago. I’ll be around Caen and Bayeux for a few days afterwards soaking up the sights and sounds and remembering the events and men who gave their all.

    Looking forward to reading more from you!

    1. Many thanks for your message Scott! Sounds like you have a fantastic project ahead – do you know if any of the Royal Ulster Rifles and the Royal Tank Regiment veterans will be returning for the 70th?
      Best wishes,

      1. Hi Annie,

        Several Veterans from the 1st Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles are attending a memorial event at Ranville Cemetery on 6th June.

        This is according to the guys at the RUR Museum in Belfast. I’ve no other details at the minute but I know in the past that veterans like John Shanahan have attended in previous years.

        I’ve posted up a few stories from RIF and RUR men on the ‘work in progress’ site.


        Hope that’s of some help.


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