West Midland war veterans return to site of D-Day landings in Normandy

West Midland war veterans who were involved in the D-Day landings have been given the opportunity to return to Normandy after 69 years.

The Birmingham taxi firm TOA Taxis has volunteered to ferry 16 survivors to the D-Day beaches for the commemorations.

The veterans are all from the West Midlands and now in their 90s. The convoy will be accompanied by members of the Normandy Veterans Association, including President Tony Martin, Chairman Les Reeves and Secretary Peter Lloyd.

TOA Taxis Secretary Brian Lee told the Birmingham Mail: “We’re delighted to be supporting the Normandy Veterans Association after the success of last year’s convoy to Holland, and we are honoured to be escorting the veterans and attending the memorial that will commemorate their heroic service to the country.”

President of the Normandy Veterans Association Tony Martin and Secretary Peter Lloyd said the journey to France could be the last for some of the veterans.

“We are usually in Normandy on this day, but we are saving our finances, efforts and resources for next year to take part in the various parades and services in Normandy for the 70th anniversary.

“This may be the last organised visit, bearing in mind the health and average age of the veterans,” they added.


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