Juno Beach: Summary

Juno Beach was assigned to the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division of General Keller who was supported by 48 Commando Royal Marines.

The beach’s location was between the French towns of Courseulles and St. Aubin. Navigation to the beach was complicated and dangerous and the majority of the assault crafts fell behind.

Due to the vast number of beach obstacles placed by the Germans on the beaches, the Allied forces had no choice but to land during low tide on the morning of D-Day. The tanks were to approach the beaches first, followed by the infantry. However, on the 6th June 1944, due to the strong winds and unpredictable waves, the infantry were forced to land first with no protection from the tanks which had floated miles down the beach.

Once the troops approached the shore 350 lost their lives in fighting. This was a huge success as thousands more had been expected to die during battle. Despite this, the Canadian troops still managed to make a junction with the British who were residing on Gold Beach.

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