Battle of Normandy photographs published online

An incredible online archive of photographs taken in the days after the 1944 D-Day landings has given web users a unique insight into the campaign’s aftermath in Normandy.

The spectacular images were originally published by the ‘Archives Normandie’, but in 2007 Michel Le Querrec and Patrick Peccatte started re-posting the photographs to the Flickr account, PhotosNormandie.

The French project aims to publish and classify thousands of photographs taken in Normandy from June to August 1944. Anyone can comment on the images and people are encouraged to discuss and add information to the site.

There are 3,000 digital files in total and although the majority are in black and white, there are some beautiful photographs in colour, including a stunning image of two boys admiring an American Jeep.


Other photos feature both British and American troops preparing for battle and occasionally enjoying the northern French summer.

For more information click here.


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